welcome to Foundation Creative Studio. we are a boutique design shop that specializes in creating meaningful and immersive experiences through physical, virtual, and mixed-media designs

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VMF WinterArts 2021 - Augmented Reality Festival
Azurite Fielding - Cinematic Immersive Exhibition
Projection Mapping: BoomBox, Lightbox Atrium Design
Augmented Reality: Activist Wallpaper
DESIGNING 007 GALA - Interactive Installations
THE LIVING TRIBUTE: Interactive Commemorative Monument
RANDOMLY IN ITS PLACE: Therapeutic Responsive Art
Mirror Mirror: Virtually Transforming Where You Are
FLUXe: Collaborative Art Creation Experience
Skyworks: Audience Engagement Playground Ceiling Design
Dulse: Interactive Storybook Installation
Echo Chasm: Immersive AudioVisual Installation
Projection Environments - Multiple Projects
Momenta: Collaborative AudioVisual Performance System
EBES: Gesture Driven Interactive Scenic Design
Bright Ideas: Mind-Control Sound Design
ARTILLERIST: Interactive Art+Gaming System
Untitled: Luminescence A/V Installation
CHRISTIE DIGITAL: Projection Mapping Environment
THE TOUCH SHOW: Immersive Art Exhibit / Pixel Gallery
FITC: Mixed-Media Conference Environment
PACUBOX: Urban Outdoor Street Gallery System
LEIKA: Interactive Music Performance & Platform
F13 - In-Store Retail Design
FITC - Conference Entry Signage
INIT: Multi-Arts Interactive Event
Art My Paperclip: Pop-Up Paperclip Art Gallery System
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